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The affairs, business and property of the company are being managed by the joint administrators Michael Robert Fortune and Andrew Watling who contract as agents on behalf of the company without personal liability


Welcome to Griffin Towage - Coastal Towage Specialists

Griffin Towage Ltd specialises in Coastal Towage Services and since 1999, has proudly been one of the most reliable and cost effective coastal towage operators in Northern Europe.

Griffin Towage operates a fleet of purpose designed, built and specially equipped tugs with a long and successful track record of stricken ship rescues, coastal deliveries of construction plant, jack-up barges, and every type of vessel, from support ships and tankers, to trawlers and super yacht hulls. The fleet also carries out international deliveries to Southern Europe, The Baltic Sea, West Africa and across the Mediterranean.

  • Personal service from people who care
  • Tugs with slim, hydrodynamically efficient hulls
  • Deep, single screw and twin screw, for maximum traction
  • Single engine, for fuel economy
  • Simple engine management, for reliability
  • Crews trained and experienced in coastal towage

Griffin Towage is also able to offer a choice of harbour tugs for standby, relief or additional support operations.

Griffin Towage offers reliable, fast and economical tug services for towage, port operations, standby, guard and supply duties.

Our fleet is based in Weymouth Harbour, on the South coast of England. However, our tugs are regularly placed in other UK ports to enable fast local services to be offered to our many clients around the coast of England, as well as in central and northern Europe.

Also from owners side, many thanks to all involved in the rescue for the good work.